Conference, Book Launches, Seminar and Webinar!

9 Aug 2019

We’ve got some exciting and thought-provoking events coming up in the next few weeks that we’d love you to join us for, culminating in our next national conference, Cultivating Democracy, in parallel with Greens National Conference in Canberra. We’ll be in a position to share more details on the conference…

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Defending Whistleblowers, Defending Democracy: Canberra Protest Speech

27 Jun 2019

I was delighted to be invited to speak this morning at a protest outside the Canberra courts where David McBride, the whistleblower who exposed alleged war crimes by Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan, was due to face trial. This is the case which led to raids on the ABC…

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Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations And Nature

Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations And Nature

29 Mar 2019

If BHP Billiton has rights, and can act as a legal person, why shouldn’t the Great Barrier Reef? What would change if we decided that the natural world we are part of had rights of its own – the right to exist, to habitat, to be free from pollution? This collection began its life as an exploration of the concept…

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Views Of A UBI

14 Jun 2017

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t be left behind? Nine Australians’ “Views of a UBI” 14 JUNE 2017 What would your life be like if you—and everyone around you—had a Universal Basic Income? How would it change the choices you make to know that there was a no-questions-asked, non-judgmental, society-wide support in place that we all contribute to…

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Can Less Work be More Fair?

9 Dec 2016

We need to talk about UBI and shorter working hours Does a world with more insecure work need to be a world of greater instability and fear? Are protectionism and nationalism appropriate responses? Are there alternative policy approaches which can bring people and communities together instead of driving them ever further apart? With global politics in a state of flux,…

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Green Agenda

Instead Of “Snap Back”, Let’s Rethink Work

8 Jul 2020

Lockdown in my household saw my partner and me working harder than ever, on endless Zoom meetings, frantically redesigning events and teaching for the online world, stuck in our home with two teenagers doing all their studying, socialising and extracurricular activities on video calls. It...

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Lethal Weapons: The Violent Politics Of Australian Defence Policy

2 Jul 2020

It was hard to miss, and that was kind of the point. As if to really ram home the “potency” argument made in the PM’s press release, the front page of Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph featured a turgid surface-to-air missile, flanked by two smaller silver missiles, ejaculated from...

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Why We Need a Decolonial Ecology

29 Jun 2020

As Malcom Ferdinand explains, environmental destruction is inseparable from relationships of racial and colonial domination. It stems from the way we inhabit Earth, from our sense of entitlement in appropriating the planet. All of which means we must recast the past. His book, Une...

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Was Keneally’s Migration Diatribe Fair Dinkum Racist?

9 May 2020

Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri from Brisbane argues that regardless of whether Kristina Keneally is racist herself, her views of immigration will bolster a racist system. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a few people have taken issue with my suggestion that Labor Senator Kristina Keneally’s...

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Book Launch: Implementing A Basic Income In Australia

16 September, 2019

Green Institute Executive Director Tim Hollo said Universal Basic Income was an idea that sparked conversations wherever he goes. This new book Implementing A Basic Income In Australia features a range of contributions on how to work towards a UBI here in Australia, including a chapter from Tim on the political context. Join Tim, editors Dr Elise Klein and…

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The European Green Wave: What's Going On? With Reinhard Butikofer MEP

The European Green Wave: What’s Going On? With Reinhard Butikofer MEP

27 August, 2019

Be sure to come along to this Green Institute Webinar with Reinhard Butikofer MEP who is the European Greens Party Co-chair and MEP for the German Green party Bündnis90/Die Grünen. Last month’s European elections saw another surge towards the Greens, leaping from 50 to 74 seats in the European Parliament. The results are particularly astonishing in Germany, where the…

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Towards Ecological Democracy - A Political Theory For The 21st Century

Towards Ecological Democracy – A Political Theory For The 21st Century

20 August 2019

In this seminar, Towards Ecological Democracy – A Political Theory For The 21st Century, Green Institute Executive Director, Tim Hollo, will present a theory of ecological democracy which seeks to apply the fundamentals of ecology to politics, articulating a vision of interconnection, interdependence, and resilience in diversity. Active, constructive critique and participation are welcome. Tuesday, 20 August…

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