Everything Is Connected: Green Institute Conference

Green Institute Conference - Everything Is Connected

Everything Is Connected: Building A Green Politics For The Next 25 Years

Green Institute conference, Canberra, October 27-28, 2017

*** Call for papers has been extended on request – Now closing August 4 ***

2017 marks 25 years since the federation of the Australian Greens – a quarter century in which the party has gone from being a fringe movement to an established political force making substantial impacts on the course of Australian history, improving people’s lives, and protecting the planet.

2017 also marks an extraordinary moment in history, as the political certainties, realities and possibilities which the party and the great majority of its members and supporters grew up in begin to melt into air.

The arrival of the climate crisis, sharply deepening inequality, the rise of the extreme right, and massively accelerating technological development make the next 25 years among the most pivotal in human history to date. If we don’t change direction dramatically, we face a future that is nasty, brutish and short. We have a very short window to turn this around and create a society that can not only survive but thrive.

It is clear that the Greens are the only party facing up to this challenge but also, like the broad global left, currently starkly unable to present and articulate a politics which is both popular and sufficiently radical to rise to the challenge.

Everything is Connected will bring together invited keynote speakers, academics, artists, as well as activists, members, supporters, and interested parties to discuss these vital questions, particular through the theme of connection – to each other, to politics, and to nature.

The key theme of the conference – connection to each other, to politics, and to nature – is informed and driven by what we believe to be the unique insight of Green politics, the idea that sets our politics apart from all others: ecology. Ecology teaches us that everything is connected, and that everything and everyone is better when we have connected diversity.

Keynote speakers

We are delighted to have confirmed keynote addresses from:

  • Dr Mary Graham – on Indigenous world views
  • Prof Brendan Mackey – on ecology and the web of life
  • Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics, via video link
  • Dr Stephen Healy, co-author of Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming our Communities

Call for papers

The Green Institute is seeking a broad range of provocative and creative papers and sessions to explore these ideas.

Proposals can be:

  • Individual papers of up to 20 minutes;
  • Panel sessions of 3-5 speakers for up to 90 minutes;
  • Theoretical, academic, activist, practical, or artistic and creative responses to the theme;
  • Facilitated discussion sessions; or
  • Further explorations we haven’t thought of!

Papers and sessions engaging with the theme of “Everything is Connected” are encouraged to address topics including but not limited to:

  • Ecology, sustainability and Earth-centred governance;
  • Democracy, anti-fascism, Commons-based governance, open internet and grassroots community-building;
  • Economic transformation, the future of ‘work’, resilience, sharing and repairing, and the good and fair society;
  • Peace, Australia in the world, and how we grapple with our history, our First Nations people, and our diverse cultures.

Papers and sessions which cut across multiple topic areas, or which approach these topics from new angles, are particularly encouraged.

NB: This is an ideas conference, not a party conference. Elected representatives, while strongly encouraged to attend, are asked not to submit proposals, and preference will be given to proposals which put forward constructive, positive, big ideas which draw together themes and explore how Greens can best act from the local through to the global level.

To propose a paper please copy and paste the template in the full call for papers here into a new word document and submit as a separate page. All proposals must follow this format and be submitted:

  • as a .doc file attachment to: office@greeninstitute.org.au;
  • by close of business on Friday July 28, 2017;
  • in an email with subject line: PROPOSAL – (author name)

Everything is Connected Conference call for papers


Ticketing details will be announced shortly. Please watch this space or, even better, sign up to our email list to hear from us directly!